Clean Cut Kid at Patterns

After a couple years of singles and EPs Clean Cut Kid finally released their debut album last month. It was full of the all the best songs they have put out since 2015 instead of brimming with new songs no one had ever heard before. For this reason the gig had an almost celebration vibe to it as they played ‘Vitamin C’ which had been the second single they released.


The band smashed out all their biggest tunes ‘We Used To Be In Love’ and ‘Make Believe’ with masses of scouse energy. With one particular wave-along including a crutch being shakily thrown about. The newer songs proved to be future hits with ‘Evelyn’ making its mark as the biggest contender for that.

Sweaty beards

The most prominent take away from the evening was the level of audience engagement, with the lead singer joking around with everyone about how sweaty it gets under his beard when he plays shows, to Mike the sound engineer who’s job it is to not get noticed and just how sad that is. Chants of Mike could be heard for the remainder of the show.

It was a show brimming with positivity and passion from a band that are clearly all about that at the moment.

Review by Joe Harris


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