Cloud Nothings at The Haunt

Cloud Nothings are not the biggest presence that there ever could be. The four guys that make up the band barely said a few sentences worth of words throughout the set, with the lead singer Dylan Baldi having a mop of hair to further obscure himself away with. The small and traditional set up that The Haunt provides was perhaps a perfect mirroring then.

Set List Perfection

The show began unannounced leaning heavily on new album Life without Sound, which is a good thing as I believe, contrary to critical opinion, that it is their best one to date. Songs like Up to the Surface which slightly differ sonically to the earlier output of CN’s career make for a more enjoyable ride. It allowed for a good flow to the set as when the mosh pit inducing songs came they really packed a punch. This was a set list perfected.

A Riotous Affair

Their biggest song I’m Not Part of You came surprisingly early, and a song after badly predicting it to be the penultimate song of the set. Yet it was a masterstroke as it coaxed the crowd into some serious moshing that then remained for the entire set. A riotous affair of Stay Useless occurred soon after along with some stage diving from the crowd. The band continued to mostly play without directly interacting with the crowd but they had orchestrated a hectic gig. Realise my Fate as the slow-burning closer is the sort of song every band should end on. A final build-up of tension and finishing with everyone screaming it back.

If you like frenetic music, losing a shoe, maybe a tiny bit of a tooth and inebriatedly bumping around in a dark room with strangers that become your best friends for the duration of the gig then go see Cloud Nothings.

Review by Joe Harris


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