March Gig Guide

Welcome to the official Wave Mag guide to gigs in Brighton for March. Now that winter is finally coming to an end and we can all finally go outside without Storm Doris trying to plunge us into the sea, it is time to plan for all the fantastic musical opportunities that are falling into our laps. These are the top picks for the month of March, and it’s a good one. And do not forget to check out our Spotify playlist specially curated for this month at the bottom of the page.

The Orwells – The Haunt –  March 3rd

The Orwells have a reputation as a riotous live band and if you listen to them it is easy to see how their music can create that sort of havoc. Their two biggest tunes Mallrats (La La La), from their debut album, and Who Needs You from Disgraceland will be sure fire bangers to get the mosh pits started. Newer songs They Put a Body in the Bayou and Buddy don’t hold back either.

Jagwar Ma – The Old Market – March 14th

Psych-rock/pop specialists Jagwar ma are making the effort to come over all the way from Australia, so the least we can do is pack out their show. Playing just in Hove, they will infect their audiences with songs that stick in your head for days. I challenge anyone to listen to Man I Need or Come Save Me and not have it creep back up on you over the next week. Having just released their second album they are back with with even more earworms such as Give Me a Reason which is just as addictive.

Cloud Nothings – The Haunt – March 23rd

With the recent release of Life Without Sound, to critical praise, they are bringing their tour to Brighton. Their frenetic and fuzzy sounds will easily fill The Haunt and will provide a perfect platform for a fast paced gig. Expect a leaning to their latest album with songs such as Enter Entirely and Modern Act. The album closer Realise My Fate with its slow build up seems a great fit for the sets end as well, so watch that space. The Cleveland band will pack out the rest of their set with all their previous anthems such as I’m Not Part of Me and Stay Useless.

Superfood – The Haunt – March 28th

Superfood almost sound like a throwback to the mid-noughties with the chirpy sing-a-along-ability of lead single Mood Bomb from their debut album Don’t Say That but there’s much more to this quirky band. In their self-titled song the lyrics initially focus on raisins and on new single Double Dutch new ground is sonically broken.

Temples – Concorde 2 – March 31st

It is fair to say that Temples (pictured above) have drawn a good portion of inspiration from The Beatles, but of all the bands to chose they have chosen well. Shelter Song opens to a riff that is reminiscent of Day Tripper but then descends in a more Revolver-esque tune. New track Certainty has certainly moved them on somewhat from that comparison. The pleasure of listening has remained though, and live the new songs will be a joy to hear.

Article by Joe Harris


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