Mexrrissey at The Brighton Dome

To cover songs that rely heavily on Morrissey’s unique vocals to sound as great as they do could prove a hard task. There is the also the added difficulty of reproducing the beautiful jangles of Johnny Marr’s intricate guitar when reaching back into The Smith’s back catalogue. However, Mexrrissey (Mexican Morrissey) more than manages to interpret the songs in an entertaining enough way. By eschewing the traditional route of replicating as close as possible that most cover bands tend to go for and singing entirely in Spanish, adding in a few unconventional instruments, as well as a brilliantly played trumpet, the band more than satisfy. By the end of the set the entire dome was out of their seat and dancing in ways Morrissey himself would have approved of.

Girlfriend in a coma cha cha cha style

A solo Morrissey song began proceedings with the riff of with First of the Gang to Die, or rather El Primero del Gang, cutting into an eclectic audience at the dome. Sing-alongs were limited to the chorus due to the fact that the song was sung in Spanish. The second song soon countered that as Girlfriend in a Coma cha cha cha style encouraged everyone to join in. Frontman duties were spread between the band but Camilo Lara on electronics, donning a bowler hat had an infectious energy that the crowd was thriving off.

Hang the Donald

All throughout the gig there was a projection on the wall behind them. It is a technique that Morrissey uses in his own gigs and in the controversial style that he employs, Mexrrissey had a projection involving Donald Trump. It was a brilliant combination of the classic Smiths song Panic and a clip on loop of Trump in a noose whilst a young Moz battered him with a bunch of flowers. Unsurprisingly the three words ‘Hang the DJ’ were probably the loudest of the night. And whilst on the subject of trumps, the trumpeter, as the night wore on, became an ever more impressive, potentially gig making part of the experience.

A late highlight that cannot go unmentioned is Bigmouth Strikes Again, which took full advantage of the energy and enthusiasm the band had been beaming out all night, with the crowd returning it tremendously. If there is anything that proves the love for Morrissey in Mexico it is surely this. Mexrrissey are a joyous experiment that is entirely worth it.

Reviewed by Joe Harris at The Brighton Dome


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