Black Honey at Patterns

There is a certain level of anticipation of things to come with Black Honey. They released their Headspin EP earlier this year, their debut music for new single Hello Today out the day before the gig, are in the midst of their biggest UK tour to date as well as an album surely being on the horizon for 2017. This feeling is somewhat consolidated by the presence at the gig of possibly the most successful band to come out of Brighton in recent times: Royal Blood.

Small room, big riffs

Inside the dark Patterns basement room there is a large and brightly lit sign spelling out the band’s name, which reinforces just how importantly they take their visual style. It is striking but takes its rightful place as the backdrop once Black Honey start playing and their unique Americana influenced indie sound takes over. Opening with Madonna to rapturous fans, which sets an energetic tone that lasts for much of the gig.

The band play through all their most popular songs including; Hello Today, All My Pride and Spinning Wheel. Throughout frontwoman Izzy B Phillips commanded the room with her now trademark scream part way through the song. It is slightly terrifying but it is a tuneful scream that fits perfectly with the fast paced western themed melody that rattles through the song. However, their success lies in making their massive riffs feel just as good in this intimate venue, achieved through Izzy’s frantic energy that the crowd thrives off.

The secret is out

With the end of the set in sight, clear fan favourite Corrine is played through and fares as one of the best songs of the night as a mosh pit breaks out for the duration. Near the set’s end Izzy gets everyone in the packed Brighton venue to crouch down on the floor ready to hear a secret. However, the secret she told on the night is immaterial. All you need to know is that Black Honey are rocking it as one of the most hotly tipped indie bands around at the moment.

Article by Joe Harris

For more about the band like them on Facebook and follow them on twitter.


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